“Feberr” Documentation by “Codecanor” v13.3


Created: 20/07/2019
Updated: 08/01/2024
By: Codecanor
Email: codecanor@gmail.com

Thank you for purchasing our script. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to email via my user page contact from here. Thanks so much!

Table of Contents

  1. Installation
  2. General Settings
  3. Currency Settings
  4. Country Settings
  5. Email Settings
  6. Payment Settings
  7. Social Settings
  8. Vendors
  9. Pages
  10. Item Category
  11. Item Sub Category
  12. Items
  13. Orders
  14. Refund Request
  15. Rating & Reviews
  16. Withdrawal Request
  17. Blog Category
  18. Posts
  19. Features
  20. Contact

A) Installation - top

Step 1

Unzip feberr.zip file and you'll get files and upload on your hosting root directory

Step 2

Then Create your MySQL database and import "feberr.sql" file.

(feberr.sql file available on "SQL" folder)


Step 3

Then open .env file available on your root directory and change your hostname, mysql database name, database username, database password

env settings

and change your open exchange rates api key, create account and get api key https://openexchangerates.org/signup

Step 4

Then open database.php file available on your config/ folder and change your hostname, mysql database name, database username and database password

database settings

B) General Settings - top

Step 1

Go to your login page and open your admin panel

username : admin
password : 1234567

database settings

Step 2

Go to http://yourwebsite.com/admin/general-settings and change your site title,meta description,keywords,logo,favicon...ect

database settings

C) Currency Settings - top

Go to http://yourwebsite.com/admin/currency-settings and add,edit,view and delete your currency code here

currency settings

D) Country Settings - top

Go to http://yourwebsite.com/admin/country-settings and add,edit,view and delete your country here

country settings

E) Email Settings - top

Go to http://yourwebsite.com/admin/email-settings and change your sender name and sender email here

email settings

F) Payment Settings - top

Go to http://yourwebsite.com/admin/payment-settings and change your payment gateway, withdrawal, commission, processing settings here

payment settings

G) Social Settings - top

Go to http://yourwebsite.com/admin/social-settings and change your social media url here

social settings

H) Vendors - top

Go to http://yourwebsite.com/admin/vendor and add,edit,view and delete vendors here


I) Pages - top

Go to http://yourwebsite.com/admin/pages and add,edit,view and delete pages here


J) Item Category - top

Go to http://yourwebsite.com/admin/category and add,edit,view and delete item category here

item category

K) Item Sub Category - top

Go to http://yourwebsite.com/admin/sub-category and add,edit,view and delete item sub category here

item sub category

L) Items - top

Go to http://yourwebsite.com/admin/items and add,edit,view and delete items here


M) Orders - top

Go to http://yourwebsite.com/admin/orders and buyer orders view and payment approval, cancel approval here


N) Refund Request - top

Go to http://yourwebsite.com/admin/refund and buyer refund request here


O) Rating & Reviews - top

Go to http://yourwebsite.com/admin/rating and buyer gives item review and ratings view here


P) Withdrawal Request - top

Go to http://yourwebsite.com/admin/withdrawal and buyer withdrawal request here


Q) Blog Category - top

Go to http://yourwebsite.com/admin/blog-category and blog category add,edit,view and delete here

blog category

R) Posts - top

Go to http://yourwebsite.com/admin/post and blog post add,edit,view and delete here


S) Features - top

Go to http://yourwebsite.com/admin/highlights and home page features update here


T) Contact - top

Go to http://yourwebsite.com/admin/contact and user contact details view here



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